BED Techonology

Secret voting mechanism When BED's PoW miners find a valid block, they will broadcast it on the network. In order for the block to be considered valid, the block must be verified by most PoS holders, that is, every block All must be approved by 3/4 holders.
BED consensus algorithm We propose that the consensus mechanism is best to be a dynamic unified consensus, a consensus of dynamic development, and a consensus of dynamic competition. The BED blockchain system innovatively proposes a consensus algorithm that mixes PoW consensus and PoS consensus.
Anonymous transactions It is not the criminals who need to hide, everyone deserves privacy. It's like you don't want a person to look at your window inadvertently, or on your shoulder, and read the email you sent to your best friend. You don't want anyone or organization to know all your financial records.

BED off-chain payment system

Low-latency payment: The main function of currency is payment. BED hopes to be a useful payment currency, and it must solve the problems of slow payment, high handling fees, and difficulty in small transactions.
Deferred settlement: On the premise of ensuring security, minimize the number of transactions on the chain, reduce costs, and reduce the amount of data storage on the chain.
Enhancing privacy: Through the off-chain payment system, transactions will only be recorded in the middle node, but not the off-chain transaction process, which is a powerful protection for privacy.
BED Roadmap

BED Business

BED is committed to providing safe and affordable financial services to the public, becoming the underlying payment system and financial infrastructure.